Baratza VIRTUOSO grinder - Fa"brew"lous
Baratza VIRTUOSO grinder - Fa"brew"lous

Baratza VIRTUOSO grinder

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The Baratza VIRTUOSO + electric grinder lives up to its name, perfectly combining technical skills, classic style and quality coffee grinding.

Baratza VIRTUOSO + is a professional device with 40mm conical stones, it is suitable for alternative preparation ( chemex , aeropress , dripp V60 ) and also espresso. VIRTUOSO is consistent in grinding at both the coarse and fine ends of the grind range. The secret to even and smooth grinding of the grinder is twofold: an efficient DC motor keeps your coffee beans cool, even during extended grinding times, while a combination of electric reducers and gears slows stones to 450 rpm, ensuring smooth grain sagging and noise reduction , heat and static charge. The exterior of VIRTUOSO is as finely tuned as its interior. The carved metal plate and base give this grinder an elegant look, which is suitable for workspaces in cafes. Baratza VIRTUOSO + is a grinder that will get you with its functions, elegance and style.