Black Star Brazil Vargem Grande 250 g - Fa"brew"lous

Black Star Brazil Vargem Grande 250 g

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Coffee with a round body, the taste of dried cranberries, milk chocolate and butter cookies, grape wine. Pleasant aftertaste of chocolate and nuts. Roasted for espresso.

Sitio Vargem Grande is a beautifully maintained and clean farm owned by Rosimieire and her husband Carlos since 2009. They planted red and yellow Catuai shrubs in 2010. They are proud of the quality of their coffee and try to arouse interest in growing coffee in younger people as well. generation. Coffee is harvested mechanically or manually, depending on the ripening of the cherries and the harvest. The harvest is in this area from June to September with the main harvest in July. Farmer Rosimieire received $ 5.50 for 1 kg of this coffee.

Rosimeire processes grains by a washed process or naturally with aerobic fermentation. Processed coffee means that whole cherries are dried. The grains we bought were processed so that whole cherries were fermented in water for 72 hours before drying. During fermentation, the sugar content (between 24 and 12), temperature (up to 38C) and PH (final 4) are monitored. The coffee is dried in a mechanical dryer, on a "patio" or on raised structures. It depends on the weather, but drying can take 150-200 hours.