Black Star Colombia Fruit Bomb 250 g - Fa"brew"lous

Black Star Colombia Fruit Bomb 250 g

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Very complex and aromatic coffee with the taste of apples, cinnamon, jam and currants in the aftertaste. Medium acidity reminiscent of a red apple, which is complemented by the sweetness of jam.

Origin: The
coffee comes from the farm La Joya of the farmer Yerma Pedraza. This year, some producers in Narino were approached to create natural lots in order to obtain even more fruity properties from the coffee. This concept is called "Bomba de Fruta". Yermi Farm is located in the Cachaqui area of ​​Narino at 1950 meters above sea level. Farmer Yermi Pedraza received $ 8.37 for 1 kg of this coffee.

Harvest: Cherries are harvested by hand to ensure the highest possible quality. Processing: Most coffees from this area are processed with a washed process, but our coffee is natural. Due to its fruity taste, a special extended fermentation method is used, which takes up to 72 hours. Washing: Coffee is washed in large tanks resembling baths and unwanted grains called floaters are washed out. Drying: The coffee is then dried in the sun for another 15 days.