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Brazil FRANCISCO 250g

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Brazil's FRANCISCO coffee from the Chroast Coffee Roasters is characterized by tones of milk chocolate and sugar cane.

Tarcízio Aldo Zugliani bought the Sao Francisco da Bela Vista plantation in 1993. Over the years, he has made major improvements to the farm's infrastructure. He built terraces for drying coffee and invested in better processing equipment and rotary kilns. He planted young plants to increase productivity and quality and redefined specific coffee growing methods through soil analysis. Altitude and volcanic soil in Brazil are essential conditions for growing balanced and healthy coffees for which the country is known. The relatively flat landscape in many Brazilian coffee regions, combined with high minimum wages, has led most farms to prefer mechanical harvesting over selective manual harvesting. Today's mechanical harvesting machines are very sensitive, which means that farms can only harvest fully ripe cherries with each pass. After harvest, the cherries are peeled and dried on the terraces in the sun. After drying, they are sent to the warehouse of the COCARIVE cooperative for storage and preparation for export. COCARIVE is a cooperative and exporter with warehouses and a drying mill in Carmo de Minas in Minas Gerais. The cooperative unites about 800 coffee associations in the region and helps its members mainly in marketing and exporting to international markets.