Brazil INACIO SOARES F2 - anaerobic honey 250g - Fa"brew"lous

Brazil INACIO SOARES F2 - anaerobic honey 250g

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Gourmet coffee Brazil INACIO SOARES F2  Roasters Manhattan Coffee Roasters is characterized by notes of  chocolate and flowers.

We are so proud to have this Brazilian coffee this year! Inacio is one of our first direct business partners and does an amazing job at Mata de Minas. São Sebastião do Anta in the region where Inacio Farm is located is not so well known for growing coffee. In fact, Father Inacia traded mainly in commodity coffees during his youth. This was told by green coffee traders, who told Jair that he would never be able to grow selected coffee on his farm. Inacio himself did not intend to take over the farm from his father, but when Jairo ended due to a serious illness, Inacio returned to the farm and his passion for continuing his father's legacy blossomed.