Brazil ZE CLAUDIO - anaerobic natural 250g - Fa"brew"lous

Brazil ZE CLAUDIO - anaerobic natural 250g

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The Brazilian ZE CLAUDIO gourmet coffee from the Manhattan Coffee Roasters in Rotterdam is characterized by tones of orange peel, vanilla and cocktail shakes.

The story of this coffee begins when eighteen-year-old Jose Claudio left home. His plan was to move to Sao Paulo and start saving so that he had enough money to move to Portugal, from where he then planned to return to his hometown of Inpahim and start his own farm. At the end of 2000, he succeeded, returned to Brazil and bought his first 3-hectare farm. Initially, he was only interested in growing vegetables, coffee at that time (and specifically in this area) was not particularly grown. That's when he met Inacio Soares at an agricultural summit. They discussed the potential for reviving coffee production and what it would take for Brazilian coffee to excel again. With Inacia's leadership and the help of his entire family, this coffee is Jose's first choice.