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Colombia El Colibrí

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he first Slovak plantation, El Colibrí, is located on a plateau near the town of Popayán in the Cauca region of Colombia. It is planted with five thousand fruit shrubs of the species Coffea arabica , variety Caturra. The cup of the drink is clean in taste, well balanced, with a medium body. The taste is characterized by honey with a hint of nuts, you can also feel the tones of citrus.

The plantation itself is part of Hacienda Supracafé (1800 m above sea level). It is situated in a gentle valley, which with its round shape resembles an amphitheater. At the bottom full of trees springs a spring of water. The name of the plantation comes from the Spanish name of the hummingbird - el colibrí , which is abundant in this locality.

The latest harvest 2020 (May - June) - the crop is processed by the wet method and dried in the sun.

Colombia is the world's third largest producer of coffee (data from the International Coffee Organization 2018) and is a leader in the production of washed arabica (wet processed).

Wet method
After harvesting, the husk and part of the pulp are removed from the coffee beans. The grains are then placed in large containers with water for the necessary fermentation. The coffee is then washed to completely remove the pulp. The grains are poured into water channels with water, where they are divided on the basis of density into higher quality (they fall to the bottom) and lower quality (they float on the surface). Finally, the coffee is allowed to dry in the sun or in dryers. This method is financially demanding, because it has high demands on the supply of drinking water, as well as the provision of machines for pulp removal, fermentation vessels, or the construction of water channels.