Colombia Finca Buena Vista - Fa"brew"lous
Colombia Finca Buena Vista - Fa"brew"lous

Colombia Finca Buena Vista

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For many years, Diva Ultango has been running his small farm, only with the help of her husband and their four children. As the children grew older, Diva and Gerrdo thought about helping the children without having to divide the small farm into even smaller parts. Eventually, they went the way of dividing the Buena Vista farm among the children, with Diva retaining its share and continuing to participate in the running of the farm.

 This solution proved to be correct; Not only has the family been more together, but it has also contributed to a much better quality of coffee over the years. In addition, the family today uses shared investments to run the entire farm, not just individual parts.


Each of the Diva's children runs their own part of the farm, but as a family they have an agreement to cooperate in the area of ​​cultivars grown on individual parts. At present, the family grows a 100% Caturra variety, which is made possible by the high altitude of the farm (in some parts over 2000 m above sea level


Diva and her children work within ASORCAFE, a local association of small coffee growers. This has enabled them to achieve stable coffee quality and has also helped them to open up new markets.

The association was founded in 2004 by ten growers who were already tired of the fact that local buyers did not offer them the market price for their coffee. This has changed over time as the number of growers in the association has grown and also contributed to the improvement of the political situation in the region.

In total, ASORCAFE currently has around 450 smaller producers. The association regularly tests coffee from its suppliers to ensure consistent coffee quality.


Region: Inzá, Cauca

Farm: Buena Vista

Altitude:  2010 mnm

Variety:   Caturra, Castilo

Processing:  washed (wet processing with traditional fermentation using mountain water and subsequent drying on terraces)