Colombia FINCA LOS LAURELES 250g - Fa"brew"lous


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Fine coffee Colombia - FINCA LOS LAURELES - filter from the German roaster Vote Coffee Roastery is characterized by tones of green apple, blackberries and brown sugar.

Finca los Laureles is an 8-hectare farm in the north of Huila, run by Nancy Nutes Hernadez and Hernan Montano. Hernan's family has been involved in coffee growing in Palermo for generations. The climate around Los Laureles is relatively cold and the farm is endowed with rich volcanic soil, making it an excellent area for growing coffee. Harvesting is a team effort. Five or six collectors are employed for manual collection. Hernan himself processes the coffee. The grains ferment for 36 hours. In the final phase, the grains are dried for 35 days using a mechanical dryer. Azahar, a coffee exporter, took us to Los Laureles. Azahar pays farmers consistent prices and ensures that their earnings keep pace with inflation and rising labor costs.