Costa Rica Finca Chayote - Fa"brew"lous
Costa Rica Finca Chayote - Fa"brew"lous

Costa Rica Finca Chayote

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The Aguillers are a family of twelve brothers and sisters from second-generation coffee producers in the Central Valley. Their father was one of the first coffee growers to start his farm seventy years ago. Surrounding farmers have warned him that coffee will not grow in the area, but there are many coffee farms in the area today. His children, the Aquillera Brothers, work on a farm together; most of them own land and together run a processing company in which they invested funds from the fourth place in the Cup of Excellence 2007. At first, their father was skeptical of the idea, but time has shown that it was a step in the right direction. Prior to the establishment of the processing plant, the family sold their coffee to processors and had no connection with the roasters they bought from them. 


Region:  Los Robles de Naranjo

Farm: Finca Chayote

Altitude:  1650m

Variety:   Villa Sarchi

Processing:  black honey