Costa Rica MILENIO 200g - Fa"brew"lous

Costa Rica MILENIO 200g

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The Costa Rica MILENIO selected coffee from the Polish roastery LaCava is characterized by tones of plum jam, figs, milk chocolate and caramel candies .

The Chacon family owns six farms, which are divided among the individual brothers. The whole family is involved in growing coffee of exceptional quality as well as in farm innovation and the transfer of acquired knowledge. Their farms stand on volcanic soil, which is a paradise for coffee trees due to its nutritional value. Thanks to this soil, even exotic varieties of coffee trees, such as this Milenio variety , can afford to stop . Milenio was bred from the Sudan Rume variety, a coffee tree of the heirloom family, originally from South Sudan and with which Australian Sasa Sestic won the 2015 World Barista Championship. In addition to this variety with great potential, honey adds a processing method (which can extract the sweetness and fruitiness of coffee) and voila, this bombastic coffee is born .