Costa Rica REINA ELIZABETH 200g - Fa"brew"lous


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The selection of Costa Rica coffee REINA ELIZABETH from the Czech roastery Nordbeans is characterized by tones of red berries, mandarins and cream.

Don't forget to start the new year with real coffee - the modern Milenio F1 variety from the Costa Rican farm La Casita, processed by the Black Honey method. The rich aroma and flood of flavors of red berries, mandarins and cream completely amazed us. We have been following the @worldcoffeeresearch project focused on the development of F1 hybrid varieties for several years and to a large extent we perceive it as the future of coffee growing. We are so happy that thanks to the partnership with Per Nordby we managed to get a lot of this fantastic coffee. All the more so when we think that the first harvest took place only last year and is still a real rarity. This year reminded us how important the long-term relationships we have been building on Nordbeans from the beginning are, and this coffee is proof of that.