Don Arnulfo MILD Coffee - Fa"brew"lous
Don Arnulfo MILD Coffee - Fa"brew"lous

Don Arnulfo MILD Coffee

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Coffee is a unique product that does not contain even a grain of cocoa powder. This is white chocolate with coffee.
Ingredients : cocoa butter from Venezuela, cane sugar, powdered milk and roasted coffee beans from the El Colibrí plantation. The "coffee table" (50 g) contains 1/4 dose of caffeine from one cup of espresso. May contain traces of hazelnuts . Cocoa content: 40%. Store in a dry place and protect from direct sunlight. Made in the Czech Republic, Jordi's manufactory.

From beans to chocolate
Cocoa beans, from which chocolate is made, grow on cocoa trees, which thrive only in the zone between the 20th degree of south and north latitude. From Peru to Mexico, from Madagascar to Nigeria, from Fiji to the Philippines. The trees bloom and bear fruit simultaneously throughout the year. Their fleshy fruits with a thick hard skin contain 20 to 50 cocoa beans, which are left to ferment for several days after harvest. With proper fermentation, the taste profile of cocoa is completed. Fermentation takes place in wooden boxes covered with banana leaves. Then the beans await drying in the sun and transport. In the chocolate factory, the beans are first sorted, roasted to lose moisture, and shed. It is then placed in a mill with stone rollers, where it is crushed. In this step, cocoa butter or sugar and other ingredients such as coffee are added to the beans. The mixture travels to a finishing machine for refining and then to containers, where it is left to rest for several weeks. The last steps are followed by tempering, which is a process of dissolving and rapid cooling of the cocoa mass, which gives the chocolate durability and a smooth surface. Now all you have to do is pour the mass into the mold, let it solidify, wrap it and chocolate is born.

The coffee in our "coffee bar" is grown on the 1st Slovak plantation "El Colibrí" in Colombia The plantation is located at an altitude of about 1800 m and is situated in a beautiful mountain environment near the town of Popayán between the 2nd and 3rd parallel north of the equator.
One coffee tree from the El Colibrí plantation produces an average of 2.5 kg of fruit per year, which means about 35 quality espresso cups (calculated from the average annual harvest and processing of 100 kg of coffee tree fruit per 11 kg of already roasted coffee).