El Salvador DIVINA PROVIDENCIA - Cup of Excellence  # 1 250g - Fa"brew"lous

El Salvador DIVINA PROVIDENCIA - Cup of Excellence # 1 250g

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Gourmet coffee  Salvador DIVINA PROVIDENCIA - Cup of Excellence # 1 from the German roastery Fjord Coffee Roasters is characterized by citrus, dried mango and honey.

La Divina Providencia was acquired 9 years ago by Roberto Ulloa, a fourth-generation coffee grower who transformed the farm from an abandoned state into one of the most productive farms in the Palo de Campana micro-region, located on the highest slopes near the crater of Santa Ana. Since buying the farm, Roberto has rejuvenated the land and trees and planted Kenya, Pacamar and Gesh or Bourbon there. 

Roberto won the Cup of Excellence for his Anaerobic Pacamara variety in 2020 and is one of the best in El Salvador. Which gives the coffee a special taste profile. With the taste of citrus, dried mango and honey, this coffee is very delicious and with its heavy and intense mouthfeel it will remind you of melted chocolate.

This is the third year that Fjord Roastery has been working with Robert and they are proud to be able to introduce you to this special variety now. Taste the coffee that won the Cup Of Excellence in El Salvador!