El Salvador LA DIVINA 250g - Fa"brew"lous

El Salvador LA DIVINA 250g

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The El Salvador LA DIVINA selected coffee from the Dutch roaster Manhattan Coffee Roasters is characterized by tones of chocolate, cranberries and nougat.

Roberto and his family owned only low-altitude farms, but Roberto set himself the task of growing the best possible coffee, so he went as high as he could up to Santa Ana Volcano, where he bought an abandoned farm. He gradually bought abandoned farms to put together Divina Providencia. A visit to his farm is a lesson in coffee production, from the use of ancient plant growing techniques that most farmers do not know, through his deep knowledge of biology. It's amazing to work with an engineer who knows so much about coffee. That is why he is often referred to as Dr. Ullo said that if he got a degree in coffee growing, Roberto wouldn't just be a doctorate, he would teach that class. Most of his coffee is Red Bourbon, but he also grows Kenya and Pacamaru, very soon he will also have Java and Geisha varieties in production!