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El Salvador La Joya

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Single 100% Arabica with full tones of cocoa, vanilla and sweet citrus fruit.

Modern espresso coffee with a creamy aftertaste

El Salvador La Joya is a 100% Arabica variety of Red Bourbon, whose coffee trees grow in the shade of native trees on the fertile slopes of the inactive Izalco volcano. Thanks to favorable conditions and ecological cultivation, this coffee has a full taste of cocoa, which is complemented by subtle tones of vanilla and sweet citrus fruit.

Medium complex body, long-lasting creamy aftertaste and a cupping score of 83 points, such is El Salvador La Joya. Thanks to its mild acidity, reminiscent of candied fruit, it gains a light freshness in espresso, which in combination with milk turns into a pleasant sweetness.

Winning coffee in Great Taste 2020 in the espresso category