Ethiopia BOMBE 300g - Fa"brew"lous

Ethiopia BOMBE 300g

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The selected coffee of Ethiopia BOMBE from the Czech roastery Father's Coffee Roastery is characterized by tones of sweet apricots, jasmine, bergamot and black tea with honey .

Bombe Station is located north of the village of Shantewene and is part of "Daye Bensa Coffee". Farmers who supply coffee to this processing plant grow it high in a beautiful and lush mountain range called Bombe, hence the name. Thanks to the great organization of Bombe, producers from the Shantawene, Bombe and Keramo communities use their best cherries instead of Bombe. Special processing (washed with dry fermentation) is a variation on the traditional washed method, but uses much less water and is therefore much more environmentally friendly. This method was taken over by the owner Asefa Dukamo from Guatemala, where his son Kenean visited the La Esperanza farm in the Antigua region and was amazed by their processing. (Los Volcanes Coffee) The coffee was classically shelled and pulp, but the subsequent fermentation took place in dry, climate-controlled tanks.