Ethiopia KOROMI 250g - Fa"brew"lous

Ethiopia KOROMI 250g

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Selected coffee of Ethiopia KOROMI - omni from the German roastery Vote Coffee Roastery is characterized by tones of peach ice tea, raspberries and orange blossoms .

This coffee is harvested by a small group of farmers who named their team after the eponymous sub-region of Koromia. Koromii farmers are part of the Sookoo group, run by local agronomy and permaculture expert Ture Waji. In his experience, the Sookoo group grows coffee in semi-forest areas: under and near the shade of existing forest trees. We love this coffee because, despite its natural processing, it is slightly acidic and has tones of delicate flowers, which are usually the properties of washed coffees. If you closed your eyes, you would be convinced that you were drinking peach iced tea.