Ethiopia Mana Mufti - Fa"brew"lous

Ethiopia Mana Mufti

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Mana Mufti is based on the name of a processing station owned by Mr. Mustafa Mohamed Ali. The station was also run by his father, who had a school here and he himself taught the Koran in it. The name "Mana" means "home" and "Mufti" is the name of the Muslim spiritual leader that Mustafa's father was. We can still find the original school here.

Coffee cherries harvested by local farmers are processed on the Mana Mufti by the honey method. This method has been common here only for the last few years. It is especially appreciated for its environmental friendliness, as it is not as expensive to water compared to the wet method.

Honey method
In the honey method, the husk is removed from the coffee cherries and the beans are dried in the sun together with part of the fruit pulp. As with the dry method, weather and humidity are important so that the grains dry out sufficiently and do not begin to ferment. The popular use of the honey method comes mainly from Brazil. The honey method is divided according to the amount of pulp removed into: White honey: 80 - 90% (or up to 100%), drying time is a few days Yellow honey: 50 - 75%, drying time is a few days Red honey: 0 - 50%, drying time 1 - 2 weeks Black honey: minimum, drying time min. 2 weeks.