Ethiopia Murzim - Fa"brew"lous

Ethiopia Murzim

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The Daye Bense family association has been making enormous efforts to produce high-quality coffee for several years and supports its traceability. It maintains a close relationship with the farmers it trains, encourages it to improve the quality of coffee processing, especially by focusing on hand harvesting. Daye Bens appreciates the work and increasing knowledge of farmers by buying their coffee at a higher price. At the same time, it supports environmental protection by funding afforestation programs. This coffee grows at an altitude of 1900 - 2217 m and its collection takes place in the months of November to January.

Dry method
In the dry or natural method, coffee cherries are quickly rinsed or soaked in water to clean the fruit. Cherries are transferred to terraces or raised beds. Here, it is dried in the sun for several days to 2 weeks with a regular overturning. Weather and general humidity play a big role in this period. During nights or rain, the coffee is covered with plastic sheets. After drying, the fruit pulp shrinks, browns, and is finally removed by machine. The method is financially cheaper compared to wet processing, because it does not require high demands on technology and drinking water supply. In addition, it creates a unique taste profile of coffee in sweet fruit tones with a full body.