Ethiopia ODACO - cupping score 91b 250g - Fa"brew"lous

Ethiopia ODACO - cupping score 91b 250g

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Ethiopian ODACO coffee  from the Norwegian roastery Coffea Circulor  is characterized by tones of strawberries, raspberries, fruit chews, peaches, mangoes and milk chocolate .

The Sidama area is located in the fertile highlands. With annual rainfall of 1,200–2,000 mm, the conditions for growing and processing coffee are considered ideal. High altitudes also mean that coffee tends to mature more slowly with a later harvest than in the rest of Ethiopia. The Odako tree (after which this coffee is named) is a place where the Shantewene community meets to resolve potential conflicts in the area. A similar tradition exists in other parts of Ethiopia. The cherries are dried on raised African beds for 13-15 days. One person is assigned to each individual bed to ensure that the cherries rotate evenly every 15 minutes.