Ethiopia Peru Colombia MY DAILY MIX # 6 250g - Fa"brew"lous

Ethiopia Peru Colombia MY DAILY MIX # 6 250g

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A unique MY DAILY MIX coffee blend of  three selected coffees from the Rebelbean roastery with tones of  blueberries, elderberry and chocolate biscuits.


  • 40% Ethiopia BOOKKISA (GIBIRINNA & SERTO (74110 & 74112) / NATURAL)
  • 40% Peru JAEN (CATUAI & MIX / WASHED)
  • 20% Colombia INZA (MIX / WASHED)

We hesitated for a long time if we wanted to mix at all. But we realized, right! You wanted permanence, we want to play. And the mix is ​​exactly the pitch on which both go!

The profile comes first for us. On the one hand, there is a lot of full sweet taste, but at the same time there is a fruity aroma and pleasant acidity. Imagine pancakes where each layer is smeared with a different jam. There is definitely no danger of boredom. The advantage of the blend is precisely in its complexity. And that's exactly it!

Like our other coffees, this one is an omni roast. That's why you don't have to limit yourself to espresso. We drink it at our batch brew almost every morning.