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Glowbeans - The Gabi Master B

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For those who crave a gentle and consistent watering coffee dripper, there's The Master Gabi B . You don't need an expensive pot or hours of training - this attachment for your dripper will do it for you.

When preparing filtered coffee, the way we pour it with water plays a big role. However, not everyone immediately buys a kettle with a narrow spout, or has the time and taste for precise watering. That's why the Korean brand Glow Beans came up with a unique water tank with a shower that attaches to a dripper. The shower contains 16 holes, thanks to which the water is gradually and evenly filtered into ground coffee. Thanks to this, all you have to do is pour water into the tank and the coffee will be filtered for you.

This shower can be used on conventional drippers (Hario V60, Kalita Wave, even Chemex outside the largest (10)). It holds up to 120 ml of water and lets it gradually flow onto the ground coffee - about 1 minute. It is up to you whether 120 ml will be enough for you or whether you will fill the container several times in a row (eg 360 ml, which will overflow in 3 minutes).