Good view Guatemala - Fa"brew"lous
Good view Guatemala - Fa"brew"lous

Good view Guatemala

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This coffee comes from Freddy Orannes's Buena Vista farm. It is located in the Fraijanes region, which lies much further south than the coffee of the Huahuetenango region, of which most coffee was made in 2020. The Fraijanes region is located relatively close to Guatemala's capital, Guatemala City. This, of course, affects land prices, the cost of labor, and it is quite difficult to run a coffee farm in these conditions. Freddy's Farm is about a 1.5-hour drive to Guatemala City and is a beautiful example of what can be achieved even in a relatively expensive area; This is to focus on quality that will stand up to the competition. Freddy has created several microfarms, the production of which he can offer at a premium price.


The warm climate and strong sunshine in Fraijanes allows Freddy greater flexibility in coffee processing than is usual in the Huehuetenango area; natural and honey processing is more common here.

Region:  Fraijanes, Guatelama

Farm: Buena Vista

Altitude:  1870 m above sea level

Variety:  Catui

Processing:  natural