Guatemala FINCA YULSAN 250g - Fa"brew"lous

Guatemala FINCA YULSAN 250g

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The selected Guatemala FINCA YULSAN coffee from the Czech roasting plant Candycane coffee is characterized by tones of crosses, milk chocolate and caramel .

Pedro Ramirez named his farm "Yulsan" as a tribute to the place where the farm is located, as it is the original indigenous name of the site. Pedro inherited the land in 1989 from his father. Originally, he owned only a relatively small plot of land, which over time, thanks to his own diligence and tirelessness, he was able to expand to a 3-hectare farm, which he still takes care of today.

Growing coffee is the main source of income for him and his whole family, although he himself admits that being a coffee grower today is incredibly demanding. The costs of running the farm are really high and the crop yields will just cover them. But he is still optimistic about the future and would very much like to work with the next generation of growers, who could pass on his hard-earned experience and knowledge, and he believes that together they will be able to introduce many of the necessary innovations.

He concentrates on a number of things on his farm in order to maintain the highest possible quality without the use of conventional herbicides. Especially various coffee diseases have become an increasing problem in recent years due to the changing climate. It also relies on a quality and good shading system, or on the most ecological way to fertilize its coffee trees. In the future, he would like to invest in the construction of a small processing station, which would help him control the entire process of growing and processing coffee. Thanks to greater quality control, it can constantly improve and shift with the quality of its coffee.