Guatemala LA BOLSA GRANADA 250g - Fa"brew"lous

Guatemala LA BOLSA GRANADA 250g

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The selected Guatemala LA BOLSA GRANADA coffee from the Czech Rebelbean roastery is characterized by tones of almonds in sugar, plums and sea buckthorn .

This coffee goes into production just in time. It is a typical representative of the so-called "winter coffees", as we like to call them. Denser, juicy, full of aromas, which are associated with Christmas, for example. We haven't had La Bolsu on offer for a long time, however this is nothing new for us, we have had coffee from this farm several times already and it is always a choice for stable quality. It is also not a small farm, they have even built and run a school here for children of permanent, but especially seasonal employees, so that they do not have to spend time with their parents at work, and thus inevitably get involved in the work. However, it often happens that parents themselves want their children to work and thus contribute to the family coffers, but the Vides family has found a solution! Weekly food rations for the whole family! But only if the children go to school regularly, ie for 5 consecutive days. And this is how the children themselves contribute, and in addition they receive at least a basic education. WIN WIN! We would add the 3rd WIN for us, because we like such an approach and we like the coffee, honey!