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Guatemala LAS MINAS 250g

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The selected Guatemala LAS MINAS coffee from the Czech roastery Candycane coffee is characterized by tones of apple, milk chocolate and marzipan .

As a new coffee for our basic espresso, we chose a lot from the Las Minas farm, owned by Edgar Roldan. This farm is located in the Coban region, on the border with Honduras. Coban is therefore the most remote and northernmost of all the coffee regions of Guatemala. Year-round rains are common for this region, affecting not only local life but also coffee growing. The rains are responsible for the slow maturation of the coffee and create the characteristic sweet and complex profile of the Coban region. On the other hand, they also cause a number of complications in harvesting and transporting coffee, as the roads are wet after rains and very difficult to navigate. The rainy climate also makes it difficult to dry coffee, which is quite problematic for a small, quality-oriented grower like Edgar. The coffee is therefore sent to the drier Chiquimula area after peeling and washing, where the climatic conditions are much more suitable for drying coffee. To ensure top quality coffee, African-style raised beds are used to complete the drying process to the appropriate specifications.