Guatemala Primavera Family - Fa"brew"lous
Guatemala Primavera Family - Fa"brew"lous

Guatemala Primavera Family

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Primavera Family was created by merging ten large coffee producers. The reason was the poor harvest of previous years, which did not guarantee individual farmers further activity. Primavera decided to work with these farmers to give them the opportunity to earn a better income from selling coffee, which they can use and reinvest in their farms and technologies. Primavera believes that in the coming years, these farmers will grow excellent coffee that will meet the requirements of the highest quality coffee.


Primavera is still working to improve the quality of coffee and thus the purchase price of this coffee. Primavera took coffee from farmers with a rating of 84-85, which belongs to the so-called selected coffee.

Region:  Huehuetenango

Farm: The Primavera Family

Altitude:  1,550-1,650m

Variety:  Caturra, Catuai, Bourbon

Processing:  washed