Hario Clear Water Dripper WDC-6 - Fa"brew"lous
Hario Clear Water Dripper WDC-6 - Fa"brew"lous

Hario Clear Water Dripper WDC-6

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Hario Clear Water Dripper  is a great addition to your current coffee equipment. Suitable not only for home, but also for a cafe. He can get all the attention to himself and the audience feels that they are watching a complex scientific experiment. 

If you have lost the taste of cold brew and you also want to experiment with production at home? Unlike classically prepared coffee, which is poured with hot water, it is filled with cold water. Short extraction in hot water is replaced by slow and long extraction in cold water. Thanks to this, the resulting drink has slightly different properties. Coffee is characterized by lower acidity, lower bitterness, greater sweetness. The body of the coffee is beautifully full and its aroma is fully developed. 

There is cold water in the upper container, which slowly drips through the coffee into the lower serving kettle through a stainless steel filter. Thanks to the metal valve, you can easily set the speed of water flow. Filtration takes several hours, depending on the valve settings and your taste.

Package contents:

  • Hario Dripper
  • Hario glass teapot
  • upper glass container with filter and water valve