Hario - Shizuku Slow Drip Brewer - Fa"brew"lous
Hario - Shizuku Slow Drip Brewer - Fa"brew"lous

Hario - Shizuku Slow Drip Brewer

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What do you think? Does it look more like a science experiment or is it perhaps the latest innovation from Haria to prepare a cold brew?

Hario Shizuku is a unique way to make efficient and even softer coffee with a full body and a unique aroma. Thanks to this method, your coffee will be without bitterness and, moreover, with a strong taste.

Features and functions of Shizuku Slow Drip Brewer: 

  • Full body and aroma are obtained by slowly dripping water through ground coffee. Making coffee with cold water preserves the quality and taste of your coffee without bitter acids and oils.
  • The metal strainer ensures the correct water flow and the resulting purity of the coffee. You can prepare up to 600 ml of coffee at a time.
  • Visual effect - a device reminiscent of chemical instruments will attract the attention of anyone who loves good design.



1. Pour 50 g of freshly ground coffee (fine roughness) into the filter

2. Pour water into the filter and mix gently so that all the grains are in contact with the water. 

3. Level the coffee and place the paper filter and water container on top. Pour max. 600 ml of water into it and close the whole lid. Let the coffee drip for about 1 hour. 

4. Enjoy!