Hello Beriti Ethiopia - Fa"brew"lous
Hello Beriti Ethiopia - Fa"brew"lous

Hello Beriti Ethiopia

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The Halo Beriti processing plant was founded in 2014 and works with about 750 smaller farmers who supply it with their coffee in the form of coffee cherries. He participates in the so-called "special preparation", where the coffee is sorted by hand several times in order to guarantee the highest quality of coffee that leaves the Hali Beriti market.

Coffee from Ethiopia can usually be traced to a washing / processing station, where small farmers (usually owning less than half a hectare of plantations) deliver their coffee, for which they are paid according to its weight. Furthermore, the coffee is processed and sorted without being sorted according to individual small farms after processing.



Yirgacheffe is an area in the Sidamo region of southern Ethiopia, but its name has become synonymous with its own brand of coffee, which is processed in a washed manner. This brand has even been recognized by the Ethiopian government. 


At first glance, Yirgacheffe is densely forested, but in reality it is a very populated area with many homesteads and villages; hence its nickname called Garden coffee. This mountainous area is very fertile and is located at an average altitude of about 2000 meters above sea level


There are about 26 processing stations in the area, representing about 43,000 farmers and about 62,000 hectares of "garden coffee". Production is mainly processed by the wet method, although unwashed coffee is also available on the market in this area.

Region:  Gedeb, Yirgacheffee, Ethiopia

Farm:  750 small farmers

Altitude:  2100 - 2300 m above sea level

Variety:  Heirloom Ethiopian variety

Processing:  washed