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Honduras COPAN 250g

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Selected Honduras COPAN coffee from the Czech roastery Kafe Francin is characterized by tones of rum pralines, cocoa and strawberries in chocolate.

A candy among our coffees! The anaerobic fermentation of this natural product has made the coffee very different in taste from everything we have drunk and offered so far. It tastes like rum pralines, cocoa and strawberries in chocolate. Very distinctive taste and our favorite in the field of original original flavors! Copan was the third largest city in the classical period of the Mayan civilization. It is located on the banks of the Copan River of the same name in the Copan department of the same name in northwestern Honduras in the lowlands. Just after the year 800, approximately 18,000-12,000 people lived here. Copan was a center of science, especially astronomy and mathematics. Copan astronomers calculated the length of the solar year most accurately of all the Maya, and discovered a new method of calculating the lunar moons.