Indonesia Frinsa Sigararutang - Fa"brew"lous
Indonesia Frinsa Sigararutang - Fa"brew"lous

Indonesia Frinsa Sigararutang

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For several years, Wildan Mustofa, the owner of Frins, and his colleagues have been looking for good producers of fully washed coffee with a focus on quality processing and drying.


In our opinion, Frinsa coffees are unique and different from most Indonesian coffee. It is a cultivar of Sigarar Utang, which is grown in West Java. The farm grows it on about 110 hectares at an altitude between 1300mnm - 1600mnmm. It is equipped with a water mill and well-ventilated areas for drying and storage. As a result, they have full control over the quality of the product from harvest, through sorting and processing to the dispatch of green coffee.


Wildan and his wife Atieq began their first coffee project in Sindangkerta in 2010. Over time, it became a major farm in the Java Frinsa Estate. From the first year, Wildan has focused on quality, which requires full attention and process setup. While other Indonesian producers use "wet hulled" processing, Wildan focused on a fully washed processing method. In addition to the quality, social and economic dimension, Wildan believes that this method has a long-term positive effect on saving water and restoring native forests. 

Frinsa Estate purchases coffee from farmers in its vicinity and these coffees are marketed under the name Frinsa Collective.


Most of the coffee is fully washed, but the farm also supplies unwashed coffee. Their coffee is always marked with the exact location of the plantation, the type of cultivar and the date of harvest.


Thanks to the cooperation with the coffee research center, they plant many different and unknown cultivars. Due to the fact that both the farm and the planted coffee trees are very young, it is still not clear what taste profile their coffee will have.



The farm is harvested from May to September, with the peak peaking between June and August.



After harvest, the coffee is fermented in small tanks for 15-18 hours, rinsed and immersed in water for another 10-12 hours.



At present, drying takes place in open space, but the farm invests continuously in drying tables. Most coffee is dried in greenhouses for one to two days and then transferred to an open area where it dries for fourteen to twenty days, depending on the current weather.


Region:  Utang, Java

Farm: Frinsa estate

Altitude:  1400 m above sea level

Variety:   Sigarar Utang

Processing:  washed