KANCL espresso blend - 1000 g - Fa"brew"lous

KANCL espresso blend - 1000 g

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Selected blend of coffee Chancellor espresso blend Roasters candycane coffee with characteristic hazelnut, dark chocolate, molasses.

Coffee for your office. Would you like to have better coffee in the office, but are you afraid that your colleagues are used to dark roasting and that the selection is too sour? We have a solution for you. We have created a product for your offices, which we simply called "KANCL". Gourmet coffee from Brazil (50%) from the Mantiqueira region roasted to maintain the taste profile typical of Brazilian coffee complemented by 50% gourmet coffee from Nicaragua. This mix creates a balanced sweet coffee with hazelnut-chocolate tones suitable for both espresso and milk drinks. We roast coffee so that it is more developed (roasted) and therefore more suitable for use in automatic espresso machines with an integrated grinder.