Kenya KAMAGOGO AA 250g - Fa"brew"lous

Kenya KAMAGOGO AA 250g

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Kenya's KAMAGOGO AA coffee from the Five Elephant roastery is characterized by tons of dried cranberries, hibiscus and red grapes .

Kiru Farmers Cooperative Society owns and operates the Kamagogo coffee factory. The farmers that make up this coalition are constantly investing in the factory's infrastructure every year, buying sorting tables, improving drying beds and modern crushing equipment. The plant even operates a water sump, which is used to purify coffee processing water and prevent contamination of freshwater sources - a common phenomenon in coffee processing stations in the region. Most farmers in Kenya do not grow coffee as their only crop, but rather alongside various other agricultural crops for their livelihood. That is why it is essential for them to work together as part of a cooperative to ensure that their coffee is processed and handled in a way that allows it to enter international markets.