Kinu M47 Phoenix - Fa"brew"lous
Kinu M47 Phoenix - Fa"brew"lous

Kinu M47 Phoenix

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Uncompromising. Such is the hand grinder of the M47 Phoenix Cinema . He is the youngest and smallest sibling of the Kiny grinders. Kinu is a German company that has set itself the task of producing grinders that can equal or outperform their competitors.

The body is made of stainless steel, which makes the grinder very durable. At the top we find a plastic hopper that can hold up to 40 g of coffee beans. The lower container, made of food plastic, is attached with a rubber O-ring. The grinding stones are 47 mm (hence the name M47) and are made of steel. The roughness setting is smooth and can be changed really in micrometers. The axis of the loop is located between the ball bearings, which makes grinding easier and more accurate.