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Lodos 1932 coffee grinder

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Lodos coffee grinders are equipped with steel milled grinding machines, which are made on automatic machines and are professionally hardened. This proven method of production guarantees a very long service life. The stated warranty for the grinding mechanism is 10 years, but we can state from practice that you can use the grinders for decades if handled correctly. This claim is justified by the fact that the mills, which have been producing with unchanged technology for almost 90 years, are still fully functional. The adjustment system by means of an adjusting nut or screw allows the grinding fineness to be set to the required degree from very coarse grinding to very fine. This is related to the chosen method of coffee preparation.

The wooden bodies of the grinders are made of beech wood. A large proportion of handwork during production makes each piece original. The cabinets of most coffee grinders are connected by the traditional old technology of a zinc joint decorated with marquetry. This production requires high quality craftsmanship to achieve the required accuracy and quality. This also applies to the surface treatment. Lodos mills are naturally varnished or pickled in the appropriate color shade and subsequently varnished.