Lodos 1945 Lux - walnut - Fa"brew"lous

Lodos 1945 Lux - walnut

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As in every Lodos coffee grinder, look for a sense of tradition and honest work of a Czech company in the 1945 Luxury model, whose roots go back to 1923. The hardwood body is tightened to the smallest detail, where the individual parts are connected by traditional old zinc-plated . Each Lodos grinder is original, made over decades of proven methods with a large share of handwork.

How is the Lodos 1945 Luxury coffee grinder different from the regular 1945 model? It is made of high quality wood , with this variant of walnut wood .

The ground coffee drawer does not start to scrub even after years of daily use, not a single bean rolls out of the closed and well-sealing hopper, the handle fits perfectly in the hand. You can easily set the grinding roughness by turning the nuts of the handle, hardened steel stones can last for decades. For the first 10 years, you get a warranty on them and the entire grinding mechanism.