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Mexico CORTEZ 250g

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Selected Mexico CORTEZ coffee from the German roastery Playground Coffee is characterized by tones of honey and watermelon .

Coffee production from the El Aserradero farm, owned by Marcelo García Hernández, is located in the Sierra Madre del Sur in the state of Guerrero. The Guerrero area in western Mexico is known for a number of things, such as the beaches of Acapulco and the birthplace of the Mexican Revolution. But for coffee lovers, its fame grows thanks to the washed and natural processing of coffee. Most of the coffee tree is located in the Sierra Occidental Range. Coffee growing came to this area barely three generations ago. Farmers in the Guerrero region care about the quality of their products, although their infrastructure and exports have limited them in the past.

The lot got its name from the film "Machete", in which the Mexican avenger Machete Cortez fights against corruption, xenophobia, hatred and coexistence of color.