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Moccamaster KM4 Table Top

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Grinder Moccamaster KM4 is the perfect partner for percolators Moccamaster. You will not find an easier grinder on the market. There is a hopper on the top, which can hold up to 400 g of coffee (attention - the collection container has a volume of only 200 g), inside, stainless steel knives take care of grinding and only one button is needed to start it . The grinder has a fixed grinding roughness, which - according to the manufacturer - is ideal for drip coffee. To prevent the coffee from overheating during grinding, the grinding chamber is cooled by a fan.

This grinder has been certified by the ECBC (European Coffee Brewing Center), which is awarded only to products that have undergone extensive quality control and laboratory testing by the Norwegian Coffee Association. The company Technivorm has this certificate for all its coffee machines and grinders.