Peru Chanchamayo

Peru Chanchamayo

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Gourmet 100% Arabica with a delicious aroma and full taste of chocolate, caramel and apples.

Chocolate-caramel coffee with a delicious aroma

Peru Chanchamayo is one of the highest quality gourmet coffees of contemporary Latin American production. Hand in hand with its chocolate aroma is a full, chocolate flavor with sweet tones of caramel and apples. This Peruvian coffee has a perfectly balanced, creamy taste with almost imperceptible acidity, which is complemented by a pleasant bitterness.

Thanks to its high altitude and slow maturation, this select Arabica is characterized by a medium body and a complex taste in a cup. The wet processing of grains, which gives Peru Chanchamayo coffee its aromatic and taste properties, is responsible for its satisfactorily full taste.