Peru ELVIS TINEO RAFAEL 250g - Fa"brew"lous


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The selected coffee ELVIS TINEO RAFAEL from the Rebelbean roastery in Brno is characterized by tones of Brazil nuts, rose hips and mandarins .

Elvis is a young 23-year-old enthusiast who is slowly taking over responsibility for the 3-hectare family farm. His father decided to put on him and follow the path of quality and modern trends. Well, definitely a good idea for us and great respect for both of them! On the day we visited him, he even went to buy an electric drip and served us coffee with the precision of the competitor in the Barista of the Year, he even fine-tuned the service in detail. His big dream is for someone to compete with his coffee at the WBC World Championship. Michal tried it this year, it didn't work out, but we will definitely not give up!

Elvis is a fighter who perfectly represents the essence of our "Underdog" project. He decided to really go all in, bet everything on his vision and passion and go for it! And even with a small budget and primitive equipment, he manages to grow such seeds! As part of the project, it is also one of those that we have decided to support and finance a coffee drying shelter this year and thus create conditions in which it could sustainably achieve such qualities without major fluctuations.