Peru PRESBITERO 300g - Fa"brew"lous


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The selected Peruvian PRESBITERO coffee from the Czech roastery Father's Coffee Roastery is characterized by tones of yellow fruit, cotton candy and cocoa .

Producer Presbitero Herrera Torres owns 3 hectares of land on which he grows Catuai and Colombia. At present, it produces only naturally processed coffee, because with it it achieves much higher taste qualities, mainly due to its altitude, cultivated varieties and microclimate. Ripe cherries are harvested, washed and dried on raised beds for 25 to 30 days. Huabal District is one of the twelve districts of the province of Jaén in the Peruvian region of Cajamarca. Huabal has great potential for quality coffee. However, many producers have limited resources and knowledge due to poor infrastructure and cannot use this potential. Due to the fact that Huabal covers several mountains, the climatic conditions here are very diverse. Some areas have a humid climate with red "African" soil, others are dry and hot. That's why coffees from this area are very varied and complex in taste. Falcon Coffees employees have been working in northern Peru for several years and do a very good job there. It seeks to correct all the mistakes that farmers make in growing, improve the quality of coffee and increase the financial value of farmers. They have set up their own coffee warehouse in Jaén and can buy coffee directly from producers. Only in this way will the premiums for higher quality coffee reach them directly.