Rwanda Muhara - Fa"brew"lous
Rwanda Muhara - Fa"brew"lous

Rwanda Muhara

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Muhara washing station

This processing unit is located in the Gatsibo area of ​​northeast Rwanda.


The coffees from this station are fully washed, dry fermented and then dried for 10-14 days. 


The coffee variety grown by the surrounding farmers is mostly Red Bourbon.


Muhara was founded in 2010 by local investment company Dallas Investment. However, the company was facing financial difficulties and approached RTC, which provided financing in 2011. Subsequently, in 2013, after two years of financing, RTC purchased the station.


Muhura processes about 900 tons of coffee beans. The station's management is constantly working to improve its technology and increase its capacity so that it is able to supply even better quality coffee.


Region: Gatsibo, Rwanda

Farm: cooperative of small farms

Altitude:  1,600m

Variety:  Red Bourbon

Processing:  washed