Siesta - Fa"brew"lous


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Coffee with reduced caffeine content, which will surprise with its full taste and almond tones.

Significantly almond coffee with reduced caffeine content

The low-caffeine Ebenica Siesta is a unique blend of caffeine and decaffeinated coffee from northwestern Colombia. At first glance, the pair, which is difficult to connect, can be perfectly matched here in terms of aroma and taste. The tones of almonds, which play a prime taste, are complemented by the fruitiness of mandarins and the sweetness of molasses.

Its strong, complex body, playful fruitiness and significantly full aftertaste will impress you not only in espresso, but also in cappuccino or alternative preparations. Ebenica Siesta is a universal coffee which, in combination with milk, acquires an even more pronounced almond aroma.

Gentle decaffeination process

The delicate taste of this low-caffeine coffee is due to the balanced ratio of caffeine and decaffeinated beans. As with Zero decaffeinated coffee, caffeine is extracted by the so-called Swiss water process, which uses water instead of chemicals. This is the most gentle way of decaffeination, which takes into account not only the final quality of coffee, but also the health of its consumers. In addition, Siesta is laboratory and bacteriologically tested and contains healthy natural antioxidants.

Who is Ebenica Siesta for?

Thanks to its unique composition and low caffeine content, Ebenica Siesta is designed for:

- coffee lovers who drink more than 3 coffees a day
- people who want to indulge in coffee in the evening
- pregnant and lactating women
- people hypersensitive to caffeine
- people suffering from cardiovascular disease