Soy Cez C2G - 1.5 cup (silver plated) - Fa"brew"lous
Soy Cez C2G - 1.5 cup (silver plated) - Fa"brew"lous

Soy Cez C2G - 1.5 cup (silver plated)

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For lovers of one of the oldest and traditionally Turkish methods of coffee preparation, we have a hand- forged silver-plated jazz for 1.5 cups of coffee.

If you really want to win with coffee and stick to traditional customs at the same time, you could be consumed by jazz. In our regions, jazz is called Turkish coffee (but beware of confusion with Turk :)), but jazz (ibrik, cezve) comes from Yemen, the country in which coffee and coffee were first cultivated as we know it today. He came from Yemen to Turkey during the Ottoman Empire and has since become rooted in Turkish culture.

Cezve is associated with several cultural customs. For example, the mother, the hostess, visits the house hosted with coffee from a jazz. Coffee ground almost to dust is brewed in a jar in a special container with hot sand. Properly, the water is allowed to boil and withdrawn from the sand, but then it will return and be foamed once or twice to enhance the taste. Furthermore, sugar or cardamom is added to the water. The right housewife can remove the jazz from the sand just before it overflows, the better the later, but if it was late and the water overflowed, it would offend and desecrate the visitor.

Another tradition is associated with courtship . The groom's parents must come to the young bride's house and ask for her hand. The bride has to make Turkish coffee for everyone. But it is customary to pour salt into the groom's coffee instead of sugar. If the groom drinks coffee with a smile and does not show anything about himself, he is considered a patient and balanced, ie a good groom.

And for those who would not have enough habits regarding the preparation of coffee, Turkish coffee can also be used for the so-called Tasseology , or divination of the future from coffee grounds or tea leaves.