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Technical coffee

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Roasted coffee designed for your creativity.


Our philosophy is not to sell coffee to others that we would not buy ourselves. Therefore, we test each coffee after roasting in our laboratory - we check the course and length of roasting, the achieved temperature, we measure the color of the degree of roasting, we taste potted coffee and espresso. If we are not satisfied, we will not put the coffee on sale. And because we are not infallible, such coffee accumulates in our warehouse. We decided to put it on sale under the name TECHNICAL COFFEE.

What is it suitable for?
It can be used for cleaning grinding stones on grinders, baristic exercises, learning latte art, it can be used as an odor absorber, fertilizer or ecological abrasive when cleaning dishes or as an additive to natural repellents, it is suitable for decoration, photography, preparation of strong coffee for painting pictures, creating artistic or utility objects such as candles, candlesticks, animals, glued paintings, mosaics, peels .... it's up to you and your creativity.