Timemore Chestnut G1 Grinder - Wood / Gold - Fa"brew"lous

Timemore Chestnut G1 Grinder - Wood / Gold

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Timemore Chestnut is a hand-held coffee grinder that perfectly combines metal, wood and plastic into a functional and reliable product. The modern design of this grinder won the world-famous The RedDot Award 2017 in 2017.

The body of the grinder is made of one piece of aluminum, thanks to which the grinder is held in the hand comfortably and stably during grinding. The lower container for ground coffee is made of wood. Inside the grinder there are 2 bearings, which ensure that the grinding stones rub against each other regularly and with a minimum deviation. This system is a key feature of the grinder and its consistency is great even when light roasted coffee.

Another advantage of the grinder is its grinding stones made of stainless steel. Each degree of grinding is even.

The grinder is mainly suitable for preparing coffee using AeroPress, dripper or french press.