Uganda NABILIWA 250g - Fa"brew"lous

Uganda NABILIWA 250g

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The Uganda NABILIWA selected coffee from the Czech  roastery BirdSong Coffee  is characterized by tones of orange jam, caramel and milk chocolate .

The coffee comes from eastern Uganda at the foot of Mount Elgon National Park. Farmers live here with their families surrounded by coffee gardens, which are spread on the fertile slopes of mountains of volcanic origin. The cherries from the Nabiliwa lot are from a total of 88 farmers who have their gardens near The Coffee Gardens processing station. Many of them, especially women, are employed here. The goal of the Czech-British-Ugandan project The Coffee Gardens is to produce selected coffee in Uganda in close and transparent cooperation with local farmers. It emphasizes not only the quality of coffee and the modernization of processing, but also work ethics, sustainable cultivation and environmentally friendly practices. At the same time, in cooperation with the Swedish non-profit organization Vi Agroforestry, it develops activities in afforestation of farms. One of the key people in the project is Dana, co-founder of BirdSong Coffee.