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VIETNAM ROBUSTA green coffee

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We recommend roasting green coffee beans before use.

In 2018, the International Coffee Organization compiled a list of the 10 countries with the highest coffee production. Vietnam ranked second in this list (1,650,000 tons of coffee / year), while it remains first in robusta production in 2019 (according to the US Department of Agriculture). As in India, coffee trees in Vietnam began to be grown thanks to the French.

Vietnam Queen coffee beans have earned this noble name for their "screening" size 18. The coffee is processed by the wet method and the beans are subsequently subjected to a polishing process.

Polishing process
Polishing machines are primarily used to remove silver husks from grains. They mostly use the friction of phosphor bronze rods, which rotate in a cylinder through which coffee beans pass. These rods are softer than steel, do not damage the green grains and, unlike bronze itself, do not tend to give the grains a bluish patina. Polishing is adapted to the specific type of coffee. If the grain develops too high a temperature, the grain will lose color and quality.
As a result of polishing, a minimum amount of skin is formed during roasting.